Journey of Mankind -- From Hunting Gathering to The Age of Online Food Portals

Eating habits of human beings have been changing and evolving with time. Stone age people would rely solely on animals to fill up their stomachs. They did not know how to grow crops and were unaware of any kind of vegetation processes. The only way to ruin their appetite was hunting animals, cutting them up and eat. With time man learned growing crops and then the humankind shifted from the age of hunting gathering to the agrarian society and cultivation became an important part of people's life. Vegetables and other crops became essential to fulfill their dietary needs.

Then with industrial revolution and improved communication and transport system cultural exchange process kicked off. And people started owning and adopting things from other cultures and food was on top of them. Chinese, Italian, Indian, French and Japanese Cuisines became known to the world. This was such a time when the idea of world as a global village would not seem irrational or unachievable. Arrival and inclusion of Internet in people's everyday life brought different people from around the world closer than ever. This made it even easier for them to exchange their respective cultures with each other of which food is an important component. Then 21st century brought along Android and Apple smartphones and consequently we witnessed the influx of variety of Android and Apple apps in the digital world. These apps perform various functions and serve the interest of their users. Among the top most used apps are communication apps like WhatsApp, Viber, messenger and other social media apps such as YouTube Facebook, Instagram etc. There is another category of such apps which includes online ordering apps where you can buy and order things from online stores like and Amazon.

But what serves the interests of foodies? The answer is food ordering apps, yes, these apps just like the other ones run both locally and internationally to help food lovers get their favourite food from their preferred restaurants with least efforts and within no time. Some of them such as Food Panda and Uber Eats are internationally renowned and are active in most parts of the world with all the famous brands of food chains registered with them. This makes them appreciable among all the food lovers specially among those who enjoy fast food the most since they have unlimited options for fast food . But which apps best serve the interests of the Desi food lovers and also are no less in providing the best fast food available in town? Do we have them in Pakistan too? These are the questions that arise in the minds of all the epicures. And the answer is too obvious that yes there are many such options available in Pakistan too. There are many online food portals in Pakistan that are as accessable and as convenient as those internationally renowned names and Pak Eat is on top of them. Pak Eat, as the name says, is a Pakistan based online food portal that runs across the country to provide its users with the food they want within no time. There are no time constraints in its case since it is open 24/7 throughout the year and is ready to deliver food on your threshold. And this is probably the only food app that ensures delivery of halal food which makes it stands out in the crowd of online food portals.

Online food portals are a blessing for the people of this age which give them a sigh of relief in their busy and hectic daily routines. They don't have to worry to prepare food at home or spare time for going out and bring food home by themselves. Just a little online instruction and food is at the door step. It is no less than a miracle how mankind evolved from the age of hunting gathering to the age of online food portals. The steady process of Evolution is inevitable and our societies are destined to change and shift from good to better. But for the time being online food ordering is regarded as the most efficient way to get your favourite food at your threshold. God knows what is next but for the present it is the time of online food portals/apps.